Category: Cat Behavior

Cat Spraying

Cats are known for being fastidiously tidy when it comes to their bathroom habits. Kittens are born with natural instincts that make litter box training them nearly effortless. Cats automatically seek out private, sandy areas to relieve themselves and instinctively bury their waste to control odors. However, there are times when a cat may spray …

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Cat Neutering

"Neutering" a male or "spaying" a female cat involves the surgical removal of the animal’s sexual organs. There are many reasons one might elect to have this surgery performed on their pet. Whatever your motives though, it is best to be as informed about this routine 10 to 20 minute procedure as you possibly can. …

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Cat Toys

Cats are fun to watch when they play. Born natural hunters, the instinct to stalk and wrestle is innate. They are naturally athletic and are a joy to be around when there needs are met. Playtime is an important need. Engage your kitty with cat toys for their health and happiness. Giving them an outlet …

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