Cat Pregnancy

Female cats can have a heat cycle anywhere from three to five times a year. The first time this happens may be as early as five or six months old or it may be that a cat will not have it’s first heat cycle until it is a year old. Cats do not have any predetermined breeding cycle so a cat going into heat can happen at any time of the year.

A cat will usually have the kittens about 65 days after conception. It is hard for the first few weeks to tell if a cat is pregnant. It is important to allow the pregnant cat to have normal exercise and proper nutrition for the duration of the pregnancy. It can be an exciting time for your family to use the pregnancy of the cat to show young children the progression and birth of the kittens.

Cats will generally become very loving and affectionate toward their family during the pregnancy. As the end of the pregnancy comes closer you will want to set up several safe quiet birthing areas for the cat and allow her to choose which one she wants to use. The mother cat will probably end up moving the kittens several times after the birth to a spot that she thinks is safe. So be prepared to find baby kittens in strange places.

You will want to take the cat to the vet on a routine basis during the pregnancy in order to assure everything is going well. You will want to allow the mother cat and the kittens time to bond after the birth.

If this was an unplanned pregnancy then of course you are going to have to make the decision to allow it to continue or end the pregnancy by having the cat spayed. What every you decide remember this is a loved member of your family so be gentle and kind with either choice.