A Short Guide to Cat Food

If you choose to buy commercially made cat food products, be selective. Your feline will need to obtain all necessary vitamins and minerals from the cat food you offer. Do not settle for something that will only fill your pet and not provide all the things needed for healthy body function.

Cat Food Filler
In nature, cats primarily survive on meat, not carbohydrates. If you offer your pet a cat food that contains a high amount of carbohydrates, he or she will not get much needed proteins. Avoid foods that utilize carbohydrates as filler. These can be difficult for your pet to digest properly and lead to health problems later in life.

Desirable Cat Food Ingredients
Meat is vital to good feline health. When you read the labels on your next cat food purchase, always search for the protein-rich ingredient which should appear first in the list. Other important ingredients include calcium ascorbate and alpha tocopherol (Vitamins C and D). The amino acid Taurine is also vital because feline bodies do not produce it the way human bodies do.

Cat Food Labels: The Fine Print
Always read labels and make sure you are not being misled. The primary source of protein should be specified as well as the source of fat. Before you buy also check the expiration date. It can be easy for a bag or can of cat food to sit on a shelf for a long time then be sold for your pet’s daily meals. Expired food should be discarded.
When it is time to make your next cat food purchase, read the label and be aware of what you are buying. Spend less on vet bills by sticking with high quality cat food products that will keep your pet healthy. Provide your pet with a cat food that will promote a healthy body and long, happy life so you can enjoy many years of companionship together.